The traditional Santa Claus Land amateur radio station, OH9SCL, will be active also in December 2018.

OH9SCL has now been active for more than 30 years from Arctic Circle.

Activity will be mostly on HF-bands on all modes. You are most welcome to join the activity also in this year!


Santa's own radio amateur station has been active since December 1986 from Finnish Lapland. Unlike some other stations we are really located in Northern part of the country. OH9SCL is not having any remote stations and we let the nature decide where we can make the contacts. The length of Finland is more than 1100 km so besides the weather also band conditions vary much. Yes, we know it is not easy to contact us while we are mostly operated above the Arctic circle but that's part of the game!

Patron of this special event is the real Santa Claus of Rovaniemi, Arctic circle! Who else could it possible be?

In 2018 we will be active from several OH Counties (OHC) from Lapland. Also some SOTA and/or WWFF locations will be activated. Check out updates in facebook in December.

Possible OH9/OG9/OF9 counties:

 901 Enontekiö 

 902 Inari

 903 Kemi

 904 Keminmaa

 905 Kemijärvi

 907 Kittilä

 908 Kolari

 909 Muonio

 910 Pelkosenniemi

 911 Pello

 912 Posio

 913 Ranua

 914 Rovaniemi

 916 Salla

 917 Savukoski

 918 Simo

 919 Sodankylä

 920 Tervola

 921 Tornio

 922 Utsjoki

 923 Ylitornio




OHC number for stations located in Lapland starts always with number 9!

If you are unsure about our location you can always ask OHC??

To avoid any confusion: We do NOT have any co-operation with oj9x/of9x

Are you traveling to Finnish Lapland in December with your radio? In this year you can also join the operation from your holiday location. See section: Join us!.


 WANTED: Ham radio operators with red cap and white beard!

Are you traveling to Finnish Lapland in December with your radio? In this year you can also join the operation from your holiday location.


  • Station must be located in Finnish Lapland
  • No remote -operation

  • 4 colour Qsl's will be automatically handled by oh9ab crew

  • Activity time for Santa is December 2018

  • For more information contact us: info at radiopukki.fi

There is no additional fee for operating as OH9SCL thanks to our supporters:

santagreeting.fi and hamdata.fi


Santa Claus Land award

Count all contacts after January 1st 1986. No bands or mode limits. Every station can count only once. One SWL-report per station counts as one contact.
Please list QSOs with details and your address. Please enclose 10 USD or 8 Eur  to cover handling and return postage.

Required number of points: Finland 20 points, Europe 15 points, Elsewhere (DX) 10 points.
OF9, OG9, OH9 and OI9 stations gives 1 point, in December 3 points. SCL in suffix gives 5 points, in December 10 points.

To apply this award, please send award application addressed to:
OH9SCL/ Napapiirin Yhdeksiköt r.y.
P.O. BOX 50,